Lease Agreement Sample Free Download in Word

Download lease agreement sample free in Word to use as a guide to help you write your tenancy contract easily.

Rental Lease Agreement Sample Format

This is an important document that will be signed by landlord and tenant. When people want to rent or lease any real estate, such as home, apartment or office building, they need such a document. You can follow the link below to download the sample, but read on first to learn of the topics covered in it. Six items included in the free rental lease agreement template are detailed as follows:

1. Rental Lease Term

It is very important to write down the rental period inside this residential lease agreement. Such rental contract sets out the terms of service. In some cases a basic lease agreement form or rental application may be sufficient. The sample agreement guides you on this. Some renters may only want to lease properties for a few months while others longer. The landlord will consider any prior written consent before approving a rental application. A commercial lease agreement may allow for a sublease agreement. There are several types of rental periods that are available today including monthly and periodic tenancy, described as follows:

Periodic Residential Rent Agreement

This refers to a type of residential tenancy contract that usually runs for a specific short period of time. These can include a variable of fixed period for rental payment. In certain cases it may run from week-to-week, quarter-to-quarter, and even year-to-year. It however depends on what the landlord and tenant agree on for rent of the real estate. Some people prefer periodic tenancies for their real estate. It is important for the term agreed upon to be clearly set out in the rental agreement form.

There are several important benefits that people can get from a periodic rental agreement. Unlike the month-to-month lease, flexibility is the first of these. Therefore, many potential tenants are interested in this type of arrangement. Additionally, the landlord or tenant is able to terminate the contract at anytime. This rental agreement is also very useful for those tenants who move from one place to another regularly. When tenants identify problems with the tenancy they are able to revise the lease agreements or alternatively terminate it.

Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

This is a rental agreement or residential lease agreement in which the tenant has to pay the landlord a specified amount of money monthly. Such month-to-month rent payment can be every 30 days or as otherwise agreed upon. Read on to learn of the rights and benefits of both the tenant and the landlord under this arrangement:

This type of lease agreement rental allows the renter to continue living in a dwelling as long as he pays the month’s rent on the greed date. The tenant can decide to leave any time without breaking the agreement, provided that he pays up the monthly rent. This month-to-month rental lease agreement offers the tenant more flexibility, especially if he is not sure how long he will dwell in a specific place or property.

The Landlord on the other hand has to give the renter notice to vacate the premises. This allows the tenant enough time to look for a new place before vacating real estate. The notice period differs depending on the locations and type of residential property.

2. Rate of Simple Lease Agreement

This is another important detail that the landlord has to include in the rental contract format. Both parties, tenant and landlord, must agree to this tenancy rate. In most cases the term that is fixed is preferred above others. This kind of tenancy is very useful to simplify the tenancy rate for all customers. Because this fixed term tenancy brings a lot of benefits for all parties, it has become very popular among many persons these days. Don’t forget to include the annual rate and other related costs in this section.

It is important to include all details about the agreed period in the documentation. Don’t forget to put the contract start date and the ending date for the rental property. The rental agreement sets out these details clearly. The landlord may give written notice to the tenant of any change to the terms of the agreement.

3. Payment for Landlord Leasing

This is another essential point that should be written in the rent contract. The choice depends on the desires of the landlord. Some real estate owners usually accept different methods to pay rent, including credit card, wire transfer, checks, and others. Some landlords ask for security deposits or a month’s rent in advance. Lease agreements state the monthly rent amount that tenants must pay on the due date. The landlord will normally charge a fee for late payment of the residential rental amount. Write all payment options in this rental lease agreement clearly. This is very useful to avoid complications in the future. This will allow renters to choose the method suitable for them. Rent payment guidelines are set out in the rental agreement template you can download.

4. House Lease Agreement Policy

The property owners create this policy in order to avoid any serious issues in the future. The landlord may choose to contract an attorney to provide legal advice. The document sets out in black and white the terms and conditions of the contract. This rental policy can also protect all assets or properties from being damaged. It will also cover aspects to do with wear and tear, security deposit, etc. Some policies include a sublease agreement. The policy may also include a paint disclosure section to cover lead based paint.

All points should represent the whole rental agreement between the landlords and tenants. The landlord/ tenant must record these clearly when he agrees to rent so as to avoid any misunderstanding that can lead to problems in the future. It is important to take a look at these points before signing the documentation.

5. Signing a Standard Residential Lease Agreement

This standard lease is specially created to be signed by both parties to a rental agreement. Where the tenant agrees to pay room rental agreed upon for the rental property then he can make his security deposit. The parties can then sign the residential lease agreement. It is important to follow all legal advice and regulations before signing the document. One can hire a lawyer who knows about the legal terms of such document so as to ensure he does not commit himself to anything fraudulent. This is a legally binding term rental agreement. The landlord must make certain conditions, such as lead based paint, clear up front. It is very useful to maintain the legality of this document in order to avoid any significant issues in the future. Both landlord and tenant should agree with all points before signing for rent of the real estate.

6. Termination of a Basic Agreement

This residential lease agreement should allow for termination before the expiry date by tenant/ landlord. Such termination may result if tenant fails to pay the agreed rent amount. In such case, a formal notice of lease termination will be given either by word of mouth or by letter. The landlord will agree to any such termination when it complies with agreed terms set out in the contract. Normally, the tenant must pay all rent due. He must pay any amount due for property damage as well. The landlord can deduct such amount from the security deposit. This is the same with a commercial lease agreement. Therefore, both parties must be familiar with their rights in this documentation. No action should violate the laws of the state where applicable.

Download Lease Agreement Example

Follow this link to download lease agreement sample for free that you can use to write your own tenancy contract. This is a helpful rental agreement template to help you write yours speedily.

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