Functions of Real Estate Management

Learn of the different functions of real estate management including home maintenance, purchase, sale, lease contract and more.

Functions of real estate managementA competent real estate manager adds significant value to your property. A property manager basically oversees your property. He handles all the work that needs to be done by the landlord who rents out a property.


There are six main functions in managing real estate. lists these are as follow:



Functions of Real Estate Management

Documentation – Lease

Lease agreement sampleKeeping documents up-to-date for a rental business is important. The landlord can have difficulty keeping these current if he is busy with other things, therefore a property manager can be hired to always ensures that all lease/rental agreements are up-to-date.

A landlord agreement is a must for property management and this comes under the control of the property manager. Simply put, this agreement is a contract with a tenant for the provision of living space. It sets out the terms and conditions for the arrangement. The tenant in return pays a rent for it. The landlord owns, manages and maintains the property and seeks at all time to provide good customer service.

There are different types of contracts between landlord and tenant. These include ,among others, month to month rental as well as periodic tenancy. A residential tenancy, for instance, presents an arrangement that requires the user of a property to pay the owner or landlord an arranged sum of money for its use. Another kind of tenancy is known as a lease that is more often used for business renting. It ensures that both parties understand their obligations and commitments, and thus provides safety for the landlord as well as the tenant.

Our lease agreement sample shows what can be agreed upon between landlord and tenant.

A rental application is usually the initiator of this process. It presents the terms of any rental offer. If both parties agree to these terms, the contract can be signed. This represents the finalization of the deal. The tenant can move into the residential space, while the landlord can begin receiving money for it.


People reading a maintenance agreement sampleMaintenance of a property is one of the most important things that managers do. It is important because it helps to keep the tenants happy at all times. When a manager is in charge of your property, the maintenance cost can be much lower. There must however be proper  procedures in place to guide the operations. This maintenance agreement sample sets out some of the procedures that should be followed.



Lady learning of the steps in selling a houseIf you are planning to sell your property, a property manager can prepare it for the market on your behalf. This will make it easier for you to find a buyer within a short period of time when selling house.




Checking is one of the steps in buying a houseA real property management company helps you find a suitable property to buy. They assist with the purchase also. Their service helps you get value for money when buying house. After purchase you can do all you can to improve the property. You can get the largest collection of woodworking plans to help you in this regard.



Malicious renters will not be able to do things that will destroy the value of your property when it is in the care of a property managers. This is because an independent eye keenly watch the properties they are managing. The manager supervises the rental agreements. These can be month-to-month rental and some periodic tenancy. He keeps a keen eye on them. This ensures that your property remains in a reasonably good condition. It also makes sure there is timely payment of rent.


Another of the important functions of real estate management is compliance. Each state has its own building codes, therefore those in property management must know all the laws that you have to comply with. He follows them. A company always ensures that your properties are inspected as required by the law. It also ensures compliance with safety standards set by the state.

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