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Learn of the different functions usually performed by a real property management company including rental, maintenance and more.

A competent real estate manager can add significant value to your property. A property management company basically oversees your property. It handles all the work that needs to be done by the landlord who rents out a property.

The six main functions performed in managing real estate are:


Each state has its own building codes. A good property manager is aware of all the laws that you have to comply with. A professional property management company will always ensure that your properties are inspected as required by the law. The company will also ensure they have complied with safety standards set by the state.


Property maintenance is one of the most important things that are done by property managers. Property maintenance is important because it helps to keep the tenants happy at all times. When it is a property management company that is in charge of your property, the maintenance cost will be much lower than the cost you will incur if you were to be in charge of maintenance. This maintenance agreement sample sets out the procedures that will be followed.


Malicious renters will not be able to do things that will destroy the value of your property when it is in the care of a property managers. This is because the property managers keenly watch the properties they are managing. Some rental agreements are for month-to-month rental and some periodic tenancy, so a keen eye has to be kept on them. This helps to ensure that your property remains in a reasonably good condition.


It is very difficult to keep everything up to date when you are the one managing your property especially if you have many other things to do. A real property management company will always ensure that all lease/rental agreements are completed and are up to date. This lease agreement sample shows what be agreed upon between landlord and tenant.


If you are planning to sell your property, a real estate manager will prepare it for the market on your behalf. This will make it easier for you to find a buyer within a short period of time when selling house.


If you want to buy property, a real property management company will advise and assist you so that you can find the type of property that you are looking for. You will get value for your money when buying house.

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